Specialist Massage Services

The Beauty of Specialist Massage - Explained

London is renowned for having a variety of sensual massage services available, from a variety of different independent girls and massage agencies. This is the reason that we created Massage Guide to London! On this website you will find all the usual types available like Tantric and Nuru etc. but you will also find a number of specialist massages.

What do we mean by “specialist massages”?
Specialist massages can mean anything really. There is no fixed list for them. Specialist massages are created on a supply and demand basis when you think about it. If a client looks for a specialist massage London. He likes a particular type of massage, his masseuse will usually be able to deliver it. This depends on the professionalism and skill of the masseuse in many cases of course, but the vast majority of advertisers on this website are incredibly talented and experienced.

London specialist massage basics
At the route of all massage, sensual or otherwise, is massage. Sounds obvious we know, but it’s important to understand that whilst our massage guide advertises those who offer sensual and erotic services, the roots of these services are indeed in massage. This means that regardless of the type of massage you book, you will actually get massaged!
You see, as well as being intensely erotic and pleasurable experiences, they are also very therapeutic and borrow many techniques from more traditional methods of massage therapy, such as:

• Reflexology
• Thai massage
• Lymphatic drainage
• Yoga
• Deep tissue
• Sports massage
• Traditional Chinese massage
• Aromatherapy
• Indian head massage
And of course, many more besides.

When your massage is truly “special”
Your massage is truly a specialist massage when it’s performed by truly professional masseuses. And the point of this article is to make you aware that these professionals often have their initial experience in one or more of the massage techniques listed above. It’s only when they mix their own unique blend of eroticism, and sensual, sexual healing into their practices that their “specialist massage” become truly wonderful. In many cases, with so many girls on this site, it’s these unique skillsets that go on to define their entire massage career in London. 

Other “specialist” massages
There are specialist massages of course, and sometimes we have to look a little harder to find them. However, when you have a huge database of providers here at Massage Guide to London, it shouldn’t be too difficult. You may enjoy a specialist bath ritual massage, or perhaps a foot fetish massage? There are domination massage services, tie and tease etc. too if you would like to try something more experimental. We are confident in recommending a number of agencies in this directory and we’re sure they would be happy to entertain your preferences should you want to have them realised.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?
Remember that the providers on this website are all professional sensual massage professionals. If there is such a specialist massage, they are likely to have heard of it, or even done it. They may not list it in their services because it’s so very niche that not many people actually ask for it. So, there’s no harm at all in asking is there? It may be best to choose a reputable agency to begin with and ask them, since they have access to a greater number of masseuses. 

Something for everyone
Believe us when we tell you that these specialist massages are not strange at all. Many of them are simply fetishist in many respects, and this is perfectly normal. It’s also worth noting that some specialist massages include various London escort services too. We realise that some massage clients like to have the option of “upgrading” their booking with their chosen girl, so it’s worthwhile checking on the providers profile exactly what they do offer.

We hope you enjoy your experience browsing Massage Guide to London
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