Lingam Massage Service

Lingam Massage Explained

It amazes us to this day how many people are still unaware at just what “Lingam” means. But, as with anything, there will always be newcomers (no pun intended there). We had better explain before we tell any more awful jokes. A lingam, or more specifically “your” lingam, is your penis. So now you get the idea about a lingam massage.

It all comes back to the lingam massage
No matter which sensual massage service you book: tantric, body to body, Nuru, Thai, whatever, if they are indeed “sensual” or “erotic” services, it will all focus around a lingam massage in the end. It’s all designed to be the ultimate release at the end of a highly sensual massage. Tantric massage in particular concentrates small, light touches and strokes to the penis, that build up more and more towards the end, usually culminating in an intense climax.

How they do it
Those light strokes are usually just the beginning of the experience. A lingam massage means massaging the penis of course, but the vast majority of these experiences are interspersed with more general tantric massage skills. Your masseuse will perhaps warm you up with lots of stroking whilst you are on your front for instance. If it’s a naked massage then you will feel her breasts and body lightly brushing your skin and you will almost always hear her breathing. This is sometimes in your ear, over your shoulder and it’s intensely satisfying and erotic.
Once you have turned over, if you haven’t elected for a body to body massage, you will be in for just as much of a treat. A tantric massage will focus on your entire body, but bring all that sexual energy into the centre of your body – your lingam. A lingam massage almost dispels all stress through the penis throughout the session. When your masseuse has stroked and massaged your legs, she will do some strokes of the penis, when she has massaged your chest, she will do the same. This will continue until she spends more and more time at the lingam, focusing all her attention on it.

Gently does it
This is not by any means fast and furious. The gentle touches and extends strokes on the penis are incredibly sensual, and some would argue, almost spiritual. Sometimes your masseuse will lean forward so you can feel her breasts on your penis too. This depends on the masseuse, but it’s all part and parcel of the overall tantric lingam massage London experience. Many men are surprised at just how talented these masseuses are and just how they know the exact motion, grip and speed to move their hands. If you are watching it take place, you will notice that there are several specific hand positions that your masseuse will use. These are proven to be effective and highly pleasurable and she will employ these to the best of her ability.

Lingam massage takes it’s time
Remember that it’s not a race. You have booked a lingam massage session, so it’s pretty much guaranteed that the one logical conclusion will be met with. There is little point in you trying to rush things along. If your masseuse is truly skilled, she will manage to make this last until the very end and “release” you whenever she desires. If you get a tantric masseuse like this, hang onto her (not literally of course!)

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