Happy Ending Massage

Happy Ending Massage Explained - What is a Happy Ending Massage?

A happy ending massage is basically a more direct way of describing as “sensual” massage. Basically, the logical conclusion of any erotic or sensual massage is the male client climaxing sexually. Now, we don’t know a man on the face of the earth that wouldn’t be happy with the end of that massage, do you? It’s a loosely used term however and has some negative connotations when applied to certain practitioners of sensual massage in London.
Book Happy ending massage professionals
Whenever possible, it’s always a good idea to book a highly professional masseuse, perhaps from an agency that has reviews or has been recommended to you. You may of course find a very good quality happy ending massage from an independent masseuse, but the chances are much higher at an agency. This is because any good agency will be reluctant to represent a masseuse who doesn’t have good feedback, or at least a good level of experience. And should a masseuse receive too much negative feedback, the agency will no longer represent them. So you see, eventually, if an agency cares at all about business and reputation, they will sort the good from the bad for you.
Again, we must stress that there are genuinely talented independent masseuses out there, who prefer not to deal with agencies or share their fee in commission payments. But if you are booking an independent, we recommend you base your decision on a quality review.
The difference between happy ending massage and tantric massage
There isn’t a lot of difference when it’s done by some masseuses, simply because a tantric massage always ends “happy!” But it’s important to ask when you make your booking, if it isn’t made abundantly clear to you. Some sensual massages may just literally be massages in quiet a therapeutic style (muscles etc.) followed by a happy ending, whereas some will be sensual, soft and teasing throughout, even spiritual! It’s always best to ask before you book, to avoid disappointment.

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